Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Re-Match With Russia

During the women's team run to Gold at the FINA World League Super Final only one team was able to trip them up, Russia. Well, it happened again today as the USA women lost to the Russians 11-10 in what was an odd game. Outside of Russia leading 2-0 early on it seemed as if the United States was always in control and before you knew it the game was over and they lost.

The USA took the lead in the first half and was up 7-5 going into halftime. Then in the third quarter the two teams battled back and forth but heading to the final frame it was still an 11-10 lead for the good guys or in this case girls. Then in the fourth the offense which had been like Tom Selleck in an "An Innocent Man", just awesome, was stopped cold. Russia quietly used two exclusions to their advantage and scored twice to take a two goal lead. The USA had two chances in the final seconds but first turned the ball over and then on an exclusion with just one second left, ran out of time for a good look.

Positives to take from this is that they are still doing a great job on power plays again well over 50% and continue to get great production out of the center spot. Also group play is where, if you have to lose a game, this is the place to do it. So, Greece is up next on Thursday with the first late game of the tourney for the women at 7:40pm. Hopefully everyone has been able to watch the games thus far on UniversalSports.com.

The men's team was taking it easy today with just one practice after their big win over Italy last night. They are back in action with Macedonia tomorrow at 5:00pm local time. Again check in on UniversalSports.com and twitter.com/usawp for coverage. I will also work on some flipcam action so maybe we can have complete social network domination.

Headed back over to the pool shortly to watch USA ref Steve Rotsart in action. Most every country gets to bring a referee along, and even many countries who aren't here send a ref. With that in mind a ref from the USA will never be allowed to ref a USA game so you usually have to attend a random game to see them go to work. With that in mind I wonder what it would be like to see for example a USA-Russia game with each country having their own ref on that game. Just a thought.

One last note, shout out to USA center Kami Craig who celebrates her birthday today. Kind of a bummer to lose on your birthday, but there is always another game. With Kami in mind we dust off the legendary "Day in the life of Kami Craig," a video nobody is in anyway tired of seeing or hearing about.


LRotsart said...

Hi Greg!
Great Blog, as always...very entertaining.
Cheer on Steven for me. Let's hope he doesn't mess up. :) You will be his one fan in the whole venue....ahhh the life of a referee.....
Keep up the great blogging,
Have fun in Rome!

pwhitmor said...

What a screw job by the one ref

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