Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Real Spain

I could really do the Spain/pain play on words thing all night, in fact I have about 10 different ones picked out for the home page but finally had to make a pick. But in all seriousness I was hoping to have a more positive headline after a win by the men's team that would send them to the gold medal game. Instead it was a tough loss 7-6 and now they will meet up with Croatia (losers to Serbia) for a shot at the Bronze Medal.

This game was just close throughout and really Spain scored last and that proved to be the winner. Team USA started off quickly with two straight goals but once Spain tied that up it was just more a back and forth. Not a ton of exclusions called, some contra fouls that leave you wondering but other than that just didn't go the USA way on this night.

So they remain with a chance at history still, the men's program has never medaled at a world championships. A bronze would be very nice.

Women with a big match tomorrow for all the marbles as they say. USA-Canada for the Gold. The two met in the World League Prelim in Southern California and split the two official matches, perhaps some of you got a chance to see those in person.

Canada has been a wrecking crew here in Rome knocking out some of the big guns in this tourney and they seem to be playing real well. But, so are the USA women. These two teams are so familiar with each other as they seem to play several times every year if not in tournaments, than in common training. You can also pretty much pencil in USA-Canada for every Pan American Games final while we are at it.

I'll be over at the pool somewhat early tomorrow to figure out the postgame setup as medals will be dealt out and hopefully some more media make their way through.

Now I leave you with some random photos that I had meant to post earlier in the journey, as can you believe it, this thing is almost over. Only two more games. I nearly had to file for dual citizenship here in Italy.
This is not the entrace to Alice in Wonderland, but a secret driveway at St. Peter's

"I don't want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me"

This is one of those street performers that paints themselves and holds one position, or it's a statue inside the Vatican, your choice

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