Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Day, Another Plate Of Italian Food

I like most pasta dishes and good thing because we are getting alot of it at the hotel. Makes sense for the players to carb up, exactly what I'm carbing up for remains to be seen. Today was a pretty routine day, up early to the gym a few meals, a practice over at the pool and dinner. Nothing too eventful to report back except that the team has named the roster for the FINA World Cup and it should be posted on at some point in the next 12 hours or so. This will be the group of 13 that begins play on Tuesday against Russia.

We shared practice time with Russia today as each side was getting ready for the upcoming face-off. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get out and check out the city a little bit prior to the opening ceremony event tomorrow night. I managed to make my way over to the park which bore a striking resemblance to Clove Lakes Park for those who have had the privilege of visiting New York City's fifth borough, Staten Island. A few lakes, some geese hanging out...very SI.

You'll notice some new graphical work atop the blog today, it is kind of cutting off some of the text so I will try and get that remedied. I have posted a photo of the pool below, little known fact to blog readers the FINA Cup was last held in Christchurch back in 1988, which is incidentally a great year to move to New Jersey. However it was not held in the pool you see, this one is fairly new, but the pool it was held in back in '88 they now use as a diving tank. The diving tank area has turned into a flurry of activity. There is a diving tank and then next to that is just several yards of shallow pool with all kinds of sprinklers and other fountains and slides, basically the kiddie part of a water park located indoors. I'd say this was something I'd never seen before but they had the same thing in Sydney. It seems to be a common thing to have a rec center and then attach a pool for competition but also a water park type pool for kids.
Even the local gym (think 24 hour fitness, work out world, etc.) had a pool and in their pool area was a place for kids to get water dumped on their head. This morning at the pool an older woman was just standing under one fountain getting soaked with water for a good five minutes, this is when I wish had the camera.

Programming Note - coming up soon is the USA Men's match vs Montenegro airing on Versus. Be sure to set the DVRs for August 19 at 4pm eastern/1pm pacific.

I'll leave you with a bonus photo in a photo of a photo. Here is Bruce Springsteen when he did the bridge climb in Sydney. Back tomorrow with more...

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