Friday, July 29, 2011

6th Place Finish

The 2011 World Championships are in the books for the USA Women and they finished in sixth place. For a team that won the last two World Championships and was ranked #1 for the last two years this was not where they wanted to be. Reality had set in a few days back after the Russia loss that there would be no medals this time around but the finality of it all still stings for the group especially with a loss today to Australia 10-5. Again a run of goals did in the team, this time in the second and third quarters and before you knew it a one goal lead was a five goal deficit. I think it will provide some great motivation moving forward and there are still some huge things to accomplish including qualifying for London and then if that works out the Olympics themselves. Some exciting things on the way.
In other news we had a nice dinner with the women's team and the family that came to support them. Always good to get everyone together. I also was able to get out to one the local stores in the area where they were selling bootlegged movies, some that are even in theaters now such as the latest Harry Potter flick. You can definitely tell it is a guy in a theater holding a camera, at least from the demo movie they were showing but still impressive they have these things. Also saw some vintage Pokemon cards. I thought Pokemon was done with years ago but apparently they are are still alive and well in Shanghai.
One last game tomorrow the men taking on Spain for fifth place. Hopefully they can keep up their strong play as of late. Another update tomorrow.

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