Saturday, July 16, 2011

Game Day Has Arrived

Well after several days of practice it is time for the games to begin. The USA Women get it started later this morning with a match against the Netherlands at 9:30am local time which is actually an ideal start time for everyone in the USA -- 9:30pm est/6:30pm pst. Unfortunately I wouldn't get used to this as many of the future games are later in the day Shanghai time. Then tomorrow the men get going with Germany at 6:20pm which does not translate into a good hour in the West. Right now the best way to follow along with the games is via I'll be doing goal by goal updates technology willing. Universal Sports is set to cover the semi-finals and finals of the tourney should the teams reach that level. Or if you know someone with a slingbox that is hooked up to China tv channel CCTV 5 then do that, but I'm guessing there aren't many of you out there.

As for what happened on Saturday in Shanghai, I saw the men scrimmage Australia where they looked pretty sharp. Then it was another trip into the city part of Shanghai to pick up some materials that had been delivered for the teams. We also saw a glimpse of an area called The Bund which looks really cool and hopefully will be visited again in the near future. When we stopped at the hotel to pick up the delivery we were in the elevator with someone else who spoke perfect English, only to find out they were from New York, what are the chances. They were living in the hotel. Now some might argue that a person from New York couldn't possibly speak perfect English but hopefully you get my drift.

I leave you with a mention of the photo you see above. It is the pistachio dude, he has traveled all the way to Shanghai to support the National Teams. He is also the mascot of American Pistachios a new USA Water Polo sponsor, probably how he found his way onto the pool deck.

Update after the match, Go USA!

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