Friday, July 15, 2011

KFC Mania & CCTV

As I write this, old episodes of 24 are being show on local tv, well done Shanghai, well done. One of my all time favorite shows. Today was a busy day. It started off with the Women's National Team practicing at the practice pool in the competition venue. This was their longest practice thus far going about two hours, but it was also their only practice for the day instead of the usual two they had been doing. Some pretty standard stuff going on as the team nears closer to the opening match with the Netherlands. Upon return to the hotel Coach Adam Krikorian and Betsey Armstrong were requested for a sitdown interview with CCTV, which I think is kind of like a CNN for China but with multiple platforms and channels. Hopefully their interviews will be airing tomorrow in advance of the first game. It was a legit set up with two cameras and a host and about 10 crew members milling about.

After that it was an adventure in a taxi cab into the real city part of Shanghai which was pretty cool. It was a better chance to get a look at the Chinese driving I grew so fond of in Beijing that includes scooters on sidewalks, using your horn on the regular, and scooters driving the wrong way on major roads. Scooter drivers have a fearlessness not seen in many other places. While in the city area it was a great time to pop into a local mall and check out a wide variety of food places. We hit the motherload when one mall contained a Pizza Hut (as usual fancy, not joking), Burger King, Carl's Jr., and Dairy Queen. I took photos of most places which I will try and post at some point. China blocks blogger here so email posting is the only way limiting the photos. We also checked out a KFC to see what they had going on. They are on every corner and are roughly half the size of a Best Buy and are loaded with people. People look at me weird when I take photos of the menu at fastfood places and then don't order anything but I remain unfazed.

We returned back to the hotel after that with a mental note to do some more exploring in this area later. Upon arriving at the hotel it was noted that longtime friend of the blog Jim Cullingham, also USAWP Director of Officials, had arrived in Shanghai. A quick chat to check in with him and that concludes the day. Tomorrow we are just about there, opening ceremonies in the evening, but first the men will practice earlier in the day.

Last but not least a great article on by Amanda Rykoff came out today profiling Jess and Maggie Steffens from the Women's National Team. Check it out by following this link -

More updates tomorrow.

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jost said...

Your picture of Pizza Hut reminds me of our adventure in Beijing when we went to Pizza Hut there! Fun times!!

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