Monday, October 24, 2011

Close & Not So Close

In-game entertainment has arrived!

Today was an interesting day at the pool. We can start with the basics in that both teams again won and are now each 2-0 headed to the final day of group play. The USA Women throttled Puerto Rico 24-4 while the USA Men edged Brazil 8-5. I think many people expected the team to breeze through group play so the Brazil game was definitely a surprise and that led to the interesting day.

We started things off with the women cruising to victory just goals coming from every angle in a game that was over nearly as soon as it started. Then you had the men's game which was intense, a one goal game at the end of three quarters. While I know the team wasn't a fan of their effort today from a purely spectator standpoint it was more interesting to watch than the blowouts that had taken place thus far.

Good support by other sports here at the Pan Am Games which has a mini Olympics feel to it. Athletes from USA Track & Field and USA Field Hockey were in the stands cheering on our teams which is always nice to see. It reminds me to get out and see some other sports as well, basketball is on tap later this week so that could be good to check out.

During a quarter break in the men's game the first sign of in game entertainment reared it's bedazzled head as a team of dancers in different outfits came out. All seemed to be wearing traditional Mexican attire save for one person that was dressed as Scuba Steve, you'll get this if you've seen Big Daddy with Adam Sandler. My guess is I just don't get that joke but it still made me laugh. In game entertainment in foreign countries is often a great source of comedy. I was able to snap a quick photo of the group as they were heading off the pool deck.

Scuba Steve is in the building

Tomorrow is our last double header as both teams are in action the Women against Cuba, a surprise at the World Championships and the Men against Argentina. After that we go into the semi-finals and finals so we are nearing closer to the big time matches.

Back tomorrow with more.

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