Friday, August 12, 2016

Green Pools, Today Show Visit & More

Rain has hit Rio which has made things a bit difficult at an outdoor venue. Our weekly show called the Counter Attack was moved to the friendly confines of my hotel room, not the exciting sights and sounds I was hoping to show off. Next week I'm planning to do a better job shooting from a good location in Rio. In news I'm sure you have all heard the diving and water polo pools turned green. After some guesses as to what the actual cause was it seems to have centered around the right ratio of chemicals in the water. Reminded me of our old above ground backyard pool and we had the little plastic water tester with the droplets. I have no memory of what was the correct amount of chemicals in a pool but clearly this isn't it.

Notice the different shades of green
We only have two more games in this venue before we move to the swimming venue which has a roof and no reports of green water so that's a positive. As I'm writing this the water is still not back to it's regular blue color but I'm guessing that is in the works. The venue where the early games are being played was the same one used for the 2007 Pan American Games and if you are unsure about that fact just visit the bathrooms where the sinks still have Rio 2007 logos attached to them.

 Yesterday after the women won their latest game they had a visit from Al Roker and the Today Show to the evening practice at the Flamengo Club. This was a team interview and talk with goalie Ashleigh Johnson that will air sometime next week. Always neat to see how these things come together and Al was nice enough to hangout and take photos with anyone who wanted.

As I may have mentioned before right across the street from our hotel is an Americanized mall with such fine eateries as Outback, Subway, McDonalds and Burger King. I have been to the Outback...the only place in Rio thus far where I have located an unsweetened iced tea and also checked out McDonalds. As readers of the blog know I always check for new items that you can't get domestically. At Outback they had a Bloomin Onion Quesadilla which in my last Outback trip stateside was not available. At McDonalds they have a sort of steak fries/roasted potatoes combo. Ordering at both was a memorable experience due to my complete lack of Portugese. It always devolves into pointing at menus and an epic game of charades and eventually we get on the same page.

Hoping to check out some other events today going on in the Olympic park and will have updates on that in a future blog. For those big into dogs and Instagram, Samson the Doodle has lent support to the USA Water Polo efforts with this photo below that they shared on Instagram. The USA Men are in action today in a must win game against Montenegro so they appreciate Samson's support!

Finally, some sad news with the sudden passing of Blake Krikorian, the brother of Women's Head Coach Adam Krikorian. Definitely keeping the Krikorian family in mind during this difficult time. I encourage you to read this nice feature from Sports Illustrated on the bond between the two brothers, thought it was really well done.

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